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As I promised on Spring, here is my another giveaway! Now it’s time for kpop giveaway. Finally I bought some albums for myself and my lovely followers~ So there will be one winner and will get one of these packages:
BTS Package

BTS — 2 Cool 4 Skool Single Album
BTS — O!RUL8,2? Mini Album
BTS — Skool Luv Affair Mini Album
BTS — Skool Luv Affair Special Edition

EXO Package

EXO — EXO’s First Box
EXO K — Overdose Mini Album
EXO M — Overdose Mini Album
EXO K — XOXO Album (kiss)

B.A.P Package 

B.A.P — B.A.P First Sensibility Album
B.A.P — Uplugged 2014 Single Album
B.A.P — Power Mini Album
B.A.P — Official Postcard Set

Read and follow the rules below, please. The Kpop Album Giveaway will end on August 20th midnight-11.59PM (GMT+8) The winner will be chosen with random.org; This giveaway is international! Anyone can join~ Good luck!!☆.。.:*・°☆
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Jongdae video calls his Liyin noona with the other members behind him and smiles at  Liyin’s shy and cute wave

Kris, what?

  • Kris during EXO Showcase: Sorry, my Korean isn't very good. JJANG!
  • Kris during EXO-M interviews: Yes, I've lived in Korea for 4 years so the language isn't a problem for me.

a shy baekhyun ≧◡≦

.:: Oh, the heavy snow, please do not erase 
the traces of our past ::.

— 吴亦凡 《时间煮雨 // 小时代3 OST》